Power Lifter is specializing in resolving all makes and brands of material handling equipments specialist on forklift Trucks and Arial Work Platform (Manlift) breakdowns. This include and not limited all mechanical, Hydroic and electrical repairs. We have the latest diagnostic equipment available for engine and transmission rebuild, painting facilities, oil and fuel lab diagnostics, complete machine and fabrication shop and a hydraulic repair shop. We've invested in the necessary maintenance tools, equipment and expertise so you don't have to.

Whether you need on-site field service or your forklift is required to come to our shop for repair or overhaul, we promise you the best in quality forklift and Manliftrepairs and customer service.

General Repairs include

1- Repair all Engine and do overhauling
2- Repair all Transmission repairs and do overhauling
3- Repair all Hydraulic systems and Control Valves
4- Mast Repair
5- Repair of Axel and Steering
6- Repair of Break Systems
7- Electrical troubleshoots
8- Repair of all Tractions Batteries
9- Tyre servicing include Removal, Mounting and Fixing
and Much More….

Forklift Express Services (Oil Change & Lube Service)

We provide oil changes for all forklifts, Manlift and heavy equipment. We additionally offer a complimentary Equipment inspection with your oil change as we care about your safety.

Preventive Maintenance

Forklift and Manlift maintenance is simply what the manufacturer of your lift suggests getting done to keep your equipment running. Whether you have an electric lift or LPG (liquid petroleum Gas) we provide the maintenance services to keep it running well.

Emergency Repairs:

We are here for any kind of trouble with your forklift. We know your lift breaking down can be frustrating and, even worse, it can stop work. So we provide the fastest response time and most experienced service we can to make you feel confident in your repair. If you ever need emergency forklift service, call us. We can also, in extreme cases, provide transportation to our 4-bay shop for larger repairs.






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